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Introducing ComHub365’s Integration with Intuit QuickBooks Online

ComHub365 is excited to announce its new integration with Intuit QuickBooks Online.  QuickBooks Online is a leading accounting software used by over 7 million customers worldwide.  Businesses and nonprofit organizations use QuickBooks Online to track income and expenses, manage cash flow, develop budgets, and make financial decisions.  ComHub365 is an automated messaging platform enabling you to communicate via phone, email, text messaging, and postal mailing.  From routine announcements to emergency messages, ComHub365 has you covered for all your communication needs.

With the integration of QuickBooks Online and ComHub365, businesses and nonprofits can improve communication with their contacts and save time by automating routine tasks.  This blog article discusses the benefits of integrating your QuickBooks Online account with ComHub365.

1) Connect with your contacts

The two-way integration lets you sync names, emails, phone numbers, and physical addresses between QuickBooks Online and ComHub365.  Once the sync is complete, you’re ready to start sending out messages.

Benefits of communicating with ComHub365:

  • Multi-capable communication platform – Send automated phone, email, text messaging, and postal mailing.  
  • Language translation – Deliver email and text in each contact’s preferred language. With over 100 languages to choose from, everyone will feel included and you’ll never send a message that isn’t understood.  
  • Fast & reliable messaging – Our team works behind the scenes to enhance our sender reputation so you can be confident that your messages get where they need to be.  Reverse 911 functionality bypasses contact preferences so you can reach individuals quickly during an emergency.  
  • Dynamic distribution groups – Easily create distribution groups for different messaging purposes. 
  • Real-time analytics – See who opened a text, responded to an email, or whose phone calls were answered by a machine or live person so you’ll always know your contacts received the message.  Additionally, you’ll see all email replies from your contacts in ComHub365.

2) Reduce staff workload

The two-way integration between ComHub365 and QuickBooks Online keeps your contact information up-to-date, which means there are no more hassles of managing two systems and duplicating information. For example, when you update an email address in ComHub365, the two-way sync automatically updates the information in QuickBooks. Spend less time on manual tasks and more on building strong relationships with your contacts.

Streamline your communications today

By integrating QuickBooks Online with ComHub365, you can streamline your communications and manage your contact lists easier.  If you would like to learn more about how ComHub365’s integration with QuickBooks can improve your communications, start a free trial