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Deliver automated informational and emergency notifications to your contacts in just minutes! ComHub365 provides a full suite of automated messaging tools to keep your contacts informed and reduce staff workload so you can focus on what matters most, building long-term relationships.

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Diversifying your communications is the new norm.

Communicate with contacts how they want. Deliver automated text messages, phone, email & PDF letters for postal mail at scale, whether it is to 10 people or 100,000 people.


ComHub365’s powerful email service gives you the flexibility to send simple reminders & engaging newsletters all in one platform.


Text is the future of communications with more people preferring it. ComHub365's text services enable you to keep contacts safe and connected with reminders, alerts & emergency notifications.

Phone Calls

Phone calls are an alternate way of reaching contacts who don't have electronic means of communicating. With ComHub365, start placing thousands of calls without needing to install any hardware or software.

Through ComHub365, LLC, you can even send out postal mailing to your contacts!

Postal Mail

Postal mail continues to be an essential way to reach your contacts. Through Comhub365, easily generate PDF letters for those who aren't getting digital communications.

What makes our Mass Notification System Efficient

Deliver communications your contacts want without increasing workload for your team.  ComHub365’s automated messaging tool is built on top of the Pilera platform, an industry leader in property management communications for over 10 years and sends over 8.5 million messages a year.

ComHub365's communication platform is fast and reliable, so you can rest easy knowing your messages will be delivered in a timely manner.

Fast & Reliable

99.9% uptime means you can send thousands of messages in seconds, even during an outage. Reverse 911 enables you to send emergency messages regardless of your contact's preferences.

ComHub365's automated messaging platform offers text and email translation in over 100 languages.

Language Translation

Deliver email and text in each contact's preferred language. With over 100 languages to choose from, everyone will feel included and served.

It's quick and easy to keep your contacts informed with ComHub365's automated messaging platform.

Streamlined Message Delivery

Customize your recipient list to get your message delivered to the right people. See who is getting your message before you even hit send.

Get real time analytics on message delivery with ComHub365, LLC.

Real-time Delivery Analytics

See who opened a text, responded to an email, or whose phone calls were answered by machine or person so you'll always know your contacts received the message.

Schedule messages in advance with ComHub365's automated messaging platform.

Message Archive & Inbox

Reduce liability and gain peace of mind knowing that all sent messages are automatically stored in the system. Find your contacts' email responses in seconds with our searchable message inbox.

Create distribution groups to send relevant messages to your contacts. ComHub365's distribution groups are self-cleaning, which means that when a contact is removed from your database, it'll automatically be removed from the distribution group.

Easy Contact Management

Contact data is synced through our two-way QuickBooks Online integration so you will eliminate manual errors and reduce employee workload.

QuickBooks Online integration with communications software.

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