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A group of people working together for a non-profit. Learn how to use email marketing for nonprofits.

Why should non-profit organizations use email marketing?

Email marketing for nonprofits has become more prevalent in recent years and for a very good reason. Most people open their email at least once a day, so if you want to connect with your audience this is one of the best ways to do it. On top of that, nonprofits have seen a 24% increase in donations in 2021 thanks to email marketing, and the advertising investment which also covers email increased by 19%.

Why should you engage in email marketing as a nonprofit? 

Promote Awareness

One of the core advantages of email marketing for nonprofits is that it helps promote awareness regarding your cause/mission. As a nonprofit, you want to reach as many people as possible, and email offers the ideal way to do such a thing. If you segment an email list, then you have an even higher chance of reaching the right audience.

Recruit Volunteers

Another important aspect of email marketing for nonprofits is that it can help improve your recruiting process. You can find volunteers and people that want to join your cause just by sending emails, something that would be hard to do otherwise.

Increase Donations

The more people you reach via email, the more donations you can receive. That’s important because it will help the cause while also making it easy for everyone to understand what you need financial support for.

Engage Your Audience

Email marketing makes it easier to personalize any email and thus you can establish a personal connection with your audience. In doing so, you’re also increasing your chances of getting more donations.

Gain Real-Time Feedback

Depending on the tools you use, you might also be able to receive real-time feedback too. Feedback matters because it can help reposition your campaign, focus on things that the audience wants, and eventually generate more donations for your campaign.

Why should your nonprofit use an email marketing platform? 

An email marketing platform is very helpful if you want to connect with more people and generate leads. With the right email marketing platform, you will be able to automate thousands of emails, which helps boost engagement. On top of that, you can easily create a multitude of emails and newsletters without too much effort. It’s important because you get to save a significant amount of time, while also diversifying the way you connect with potential donors!

ComHub365 is a professional email communication platform that’s ideal for any nonprofit looking to connect with new people and share their cause.  ComHub365 is a flexible email platform that helps you scale your email marketing efforts whether you need to send an email to 10 people or 100K people quickly.  

On top of that, the platform has a dedicated email builder that’s very easy to use, and it can help you create professional newsletters. It helps eliminate manual work while saving time and reducing the workload of your nonprofit organization.

Segmenting your audience

In addition, you can use ComHub365 to segment your audience and send specialized emails to targeted individuals. Not only is this a more professional way to reach contacts, but it also increases the likelihood of generating donations, which is always something to take into consideration.

Message delivery tracking

Another advantage of ComHub365 is the fact that you can see who opened/clicked on your email links. Having access to the live message delivery tracking is crucial, since you get a much better understanding of the process and whether it all worked adequately. You can also see whether you have to improve anything or why people don’t open these messages in the first place.

Managing your contacts and messages

Communicating with contacts can be difficult, but a system such as ComHub365 streamlines the process by allowing you to reach any contact instantly with mass communications.  ComHub365 tracks all email replies from your contacts in one place, saving your team the hassle of searching endless email chains for a response.

Multi-platform solution

With help from ComHub365, you can not only perform email marketing for nonprofits but also rely on text messages, phone calls, and even postal mailing. It makes it much easier for you to generate leads for your nonprofit while increasing the likelihood of receiving any donations.

Very fast and reliable

ComHub365 has a 99.9% uptime, so you can easily send thousands of messages in a matter of seconds. The platform has its own failsafe, which means you can send emergency messages even if you’re dealing with an outage. That helps immensely since it helps provide peace of mind for your staff. At the same time, you can still reach contacts in a timely manner too!

Real-time analytics

ComHub365 also has a dedicated analytics area where you can see who opened the text, how many people were reached, and so on.  It’s a very good option because you will fully understand the success of your marketing efforts.


With so many communication options to choose from such as text messaging, social media, FaceTime, and more, email marketing is still a powerful tool for nonprofits to reach and engage contacts.  According to Statista, the number of email users in 2022 was 4.3 billion. 

On top of that, personalized emails can generate a 50% higher open rate. 50% of mobile users read all their emails, and 81% of those prefer smartphones while the rest use their tablets or other devices. Since 319.6 billion emails are sent every day, there’s no denying that email isn’t going anywhere.  It’s an ideal way for any nonprofit to reach new members and engage them. With automated communication tools such as ComHub365, you’ll find it easier than ever to craft, manage and track your nonprofit emails with ease!