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A group of volunteers. Learn how to create a Non-Profit Communication Plan.

How to Create a Non-Profit Communication Plan

If you are a non-profit organization, then you know how important it is to stay relevant to your audience. Membership management for a non-profit organization is just like running a business and looking to gain employees or customers. However, in the case of a non-profit organization, you must focus on your values and your mission to improve member engagement. To formulate a strategic non-profit communication plan, you must have the right tools and tactics. Here’s how you can garner more loyal members through a strong non-profit communication plan:

Retain Your Existing Members

Before you move on to garnering new members, you must try and focus on retaining your existing members. The advantage of this is that you will have to spend a lesser amount of money on this form of membership, and it will be a lot easier to convince your existing members about the future goals and aspirations of your organization. 

You can do so by employing non-profit communication tools provided by ComHub365, such as email marketing and mass text messaging by sending out monthly newsletters, important event reminders, etc.

Define Your Objectives

First, your team should focus on what you’re chasing and what your organization requires the most. Your non-profit communication plan must include creating your brand story, raising awareness about the cause you’re passionate about, gaining financial support, and communicating with a large audience base. Also, to further execute these targets, set a reasonable time to complete them in.

Understand Your Target Audience

Before you begin with your campaigns, ensure that you’ve clearly understood your donor audience. Do enough in-depth research to identify the interest, desires, goals, and wishes of your potential members. This will help attract people who identify with your cause and build stronger relationships with them.

With an automated communication tool, you can easily create groups or segments so you are only sending relevant information to those who want it.

Clear Messaging

This is an arena wherein automated communication providing services like ComHub365 can help you out. Creating efficient and cost-effective communication channels in the form of email marketing and mass text messaging can keep your members interested in your organization for a longer period. 

Ensure that you send out a newsletter highlighting your mission, why you require financial support, and how a donor can positively impact the table. 

When writing your messages, it’s helpful to create templates that you and your staff can reuse. It ensures that your message is clear and consistent, no matter who is communicating it.

Invite Potential Donors to Events

You can conduct events and provide tours of your facilities to members. In such events, you can also invite some guest speakers to educate more potential donors about your cause. Your mission, goals, services, and the ways in which more people can get associated with you can be highlighted through such events. 

You can even send text message invites to an event you’re hosting, along with a link to your organization’s official website. Such types of formal and informal meets will help you get more engagement opportunities.


Other than the methods listed above, you can also grab the attention of your potential donors by – leveraging social media by engaging with your followers, conducting in-depth research about prospective donors, building strategic partnerships with other organizations having a similar purpose, and finally, trying and treat your volunteers as potential supporters and show them gratitude.