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New message inbox

Introducing a New Message Inbox

Greetings and welcome to ComHub365’s release notes blog, where we share updates on what is new in our automated mass notification platform!  In this month’s release, we’re introducing a brand new Message Inbox!

Message Inbox

As a business or nonprofit organization, you are regularly sending emails to keep your contacts informed and engaged.  Are you finding it challenging to keep up with your contacts’ responses to your emails?  The new Message Inbox will make your communication efforts a breeze!  With powerful search capabilities within our new message inbox, you will be able to find conversations with your contacts in just seconds!  The message inbox brings in all your email conversations for communications that originated in ComHub365. 

The message inbox will display all back-and-forth email conversations with your contacts, any attachments, and time stamps of when the conversations occurred.  This new feature eliminates the need to constantly search your email for a response from your contact!  

About ComHub365

ComHub365 offers automated text, email, phone & postal mailing for businesses and organizations that need to communicate with their contacts instantly. Whether you need to send a routine announcement or an emergency message, ComHub365 has you covered.  To learn how ComHub365 can automate your communications and minimize tedious tasks, start a free trial.