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Introducing ComHub365, an automated messaging platform.

Introducing ComHub365 – Automated Text, Phone & Email Platform

Communication is vital to the success of any business or nonprofit organization, but it can often be tough to keep your contacts informed on a regular basis. Traditional methods like organizing lists in company emails or stuffing envelopes for postal mailing often lead to lost time and decreased efficiency.

Are you searching for a better way to:

  • Manage your contact list?
  • Send messages your contacts want?
  • Reach contacts based on their communication preference?
  • Improve the open and deliverability rates of your messages?
  • Know if your message was opened or if a link was clicked? 

ComHub365 has you covered with its automated phone, email & text platform! With a single hub to manage all your communication from start to end, you can improve efficiency and build better relationships with your contacts.  

ComHub365 is proudly built on the Pilera platform, a leading provider of property management communications for the past 11+ years that sends over 8.5 million messages a year.  As a business or nonprofit organization, you can rest easy knowing that your communications are being sent out using the same reliable and efficient technology that thousands of community managers have come to love over the years! 

With ComHub365, our goal is to help any business or nonprofit organization simplify its communication efforts, every step of the way. Keep reading on to learn what ComHub365 has to offer and who can use it. 

Why ComHub365

Multi-Capable Communications Platform

ComHub365 is one of the only communication platforms to offer automated phone, email, text, and letter generation services.  Deliver messages your customers want by honoring their communication and language preferences. 

Fast & Reliable Emergency Communication

Our Reverse911 functionality enables you to send thousands of messages to your contacts irrespective of their contact preference. With a 99.9% uptime, rest assured that your message will get through even in the toughest of conditions.

Easy Contact Management

Easily connect your Intuit QuickBooks Online account to ComHub365 to bring your contacts in.  The data syncs both ways, which means fewer errors and reduced workload for your staff.  We also offer a standalone capability, which means that you can upload a spreadsheet of your contacts to start communicating.  

Brand Visibility

Custom branding across all your emails and PDF letters gives your brand a boost.  Your contacts will instantly know the message is coming from you.

Real-time delivery analytics & archive history

When you send out a message, you no longer have to hope that your contact received it. Instant delivery analytics show whether a contact has opened your text, replied to an email or picked up a phone call. Additionally, every message you send through ComHub365 is automatically archived so you can reference it whenever you need to.

Outstanding Support

Our goal is to help you succeed.  Our parent company Pilera is highly regarded for its proactive customer support and onboarding, and we look forward to being a part of your journey too.

Who is ComHub365 for?

Any business or nonprofit organization that needs to streamline its communication can use ComHub365.  Whether you are a school that needs to communicate with parents or a utility company that needs to alert residents of power restoration, our platform will work for you.  Here are some of the industries we work with: Businesses, Education, HR/Staffing, Nonprofits, Faith & Religious Organizations, and more.

Interested in learning more?

If you’d like to learn more about how ComHub365 can simplify your communication, request a free 7-day trial.