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What to Look for in a Text Messaging Platform for Your Business

Apart from the reliability that text messaging brings to the table, it’s a quick and cost-effective method to keep your contacts informed. They are simple to use and have an immediate impact on your sales opportunities and customer satisfaction.

Incorporating mass texting service in your business is a super smart investment because it allows you to customize your marketing campaigns, solidify customer communications, has a higher conversion rate, and requires minimal recipient effort.

Here’s how you can select the best mass texting service for your business:

Speed & Reliability for Emergency Messaging

The speed and reliability of your chosen messaging system are of utmost importance, whether you are sending out routine updates or emergency notices.

A mass communication platform like ComHub365 can send out messages to hundreds of your contacts within just a few minutes. With a 99.9% uptime, you can rest assured that even during the toughest conditions, such as power outages, you will stay connected with your contacts. The best part about ComHub365 is that you can access it from anywhere across the globe with a stable internet connection from your tablet, mobile phone, or computer. 

Furthermore, the reverse 911 functionality of the system helps you send an emergency message to all your contacts, irrespective of their communication preference.

Language Translation

For your business, it is important to serve a wide target audience. To do so, you need to utilize a mass communication platform that caters to all the needs of your target audience.

ComHub365 is one such communication platform that helps you achieve language translation in over 100 languages. With such a communication platform, you can stay in touch with each one of your customers and employees without any language barriers.

Contact List Management

It’s important to create a list of your contacts and the type of messages you want them to receive. Creating segments is helpful to that people can receive messages that are valuable to them.  

ComHub365 enables you to create distribution groups easily so you can reach out to customers with relevant and timely information.  It also saves you both time and money when managing communication with groups that have different needs.

Mass text messaging platforms also enable you to schedule messages to be sent up to 2 weeks in advance, that way you are free to perform other tasks.

Strong Sender Reputation

The messages sent by your company must have a fast processing rate to reach the inbox or mobile devices of your customers. This is termed as deliverability of a messaging system. Therefore, you must invest in a communication platform that takes deliverability seriously.

ComHub365’s team constantly works behind the scenes to ensure that your messages reach their recipients on time with zero hindrances. In the event of an outage, we will continue to try sending your message until it has been sent out.

Real-Time Delivery Analytics

It is important for you to have a record of the people who have received and opened your messages. Text messaging delivery platforms like ComHub365 deliver real-time analytics so you know which of your contacts have received your text messages.


Without a doubt, mass texting service platforms are of utmost importance for any business. However, to take full advantage of the benefits provided by mass texting, you need to choose the right platform. With a text messaging platform that meets your needs, you can deliver rapid and relevant communications at scale and improve customer satisfaction!

If you’d like to see how ComHub365 can help you deliver rapid and relevant communications with your contacts, request a free trial!

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