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How NonProfits Can Benefit from Automated Communication Tools

If you work at a non-profit organization, then you’d agree with the fact that communication forms a critical part of your business operations. Forming a secure and promising communication channel with your supporters is essential to stay connected with them constantly. Therefore, there’s no wonder that nonprofit organizations are turning to automated communication to send various messages and notifications to their staunch supporters.

Automated communication is nothing but a tool that your non-profit organization can utilize to leverage in your everyday communication activities. Non-profit communication tools such as emails, mass text messaging, and phone calls can help you manage your business operations with your supporters in an efficient and quick manner with a centralized communication interface.

Here’s how the implementation of such non-profit communication tools can help you out:


  • With the help of email tools such as ComHub365, your organization can enjoy the flexibility of sending your supporters any important notices or informing them about any upcoming events. 
  • Furthermore, tools like ComHub365 come with a rich text editor which allows you to attach any critical documents, add links, and any important images to your drafted email. You can easily craft newsletter emails to keep your supporters engaged and invested in the mission or cause you’re working to advance.
  • Such email automation tools also measure various metrics for your awareness campaigns. This can help non-profit organizations to analyze whether or not their message is creating a positive impact or not. 
  • Furthermore, an important thing to pay attention to for non-profit organizations is donor retention. Email automation tools allow your organization to send a series of emails over a period of time to continually keep your audience engaged.

Text Messaging

  • Personalized messaging is a unique way to make yourself stand apart from the crowd and grab the attention of your target audience. And an important thing to note here is that currently, merely 17% of non-profit organizations are using mass text messaging. Therefore, you can stand apart from the crowd by using it and creating awareness by providing links to your website as well. 
  • Keeping in touch with their donors is a high priority for any non-profit organization. You can notify them about any upcoming events and build a strong bond with them.
  • Traditional media is a costly form of communication. On the other hand, digital communication in the form of text messaging not only helps you save money but also offers higher open rates. 
  • Nowadays, people want immediate responses to their queries and expect organizations to answer their questions immediately. Text messaging can help you to achieve this. 

Phone Calls

  • Lastly, it is important to note that not every one of your supporters can have access to an electronic means of communication like email and texting. However, as a non-profit organization, you have to cater to such donors as well. 
  • In such situations, phone calls can be an excellent non-profit communication tool to enhance your relationship with such donors.  


Having multiple ways to keep your supporters, donors, and stakeholders informed can improve your non-profit’s operations and communications. Using a combination of phone, email, and text messaging in your nonprofit communication strategy enables you to reach a diverse audience in the way they want. Non-profit communication tools such as ComHub365 empower you to send mass messages to your entire list or group of contacts at once. To learn how we can help take your non-profit’s communication strategy to the next level, start a free trial today!