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How Utility companies can use text messaging.

5 Ways Utility Companies Can Utilize Text Messaging

Utility companies are communicating with their customers on a regular basis. There are times when customer communication in a utility company occurs without a plan. When customer communication is not planned, it can often have unintended negative consequences.

Utility companies are also known for proactive communication in terms of sending out bills to their customers or answering customer queries about any service hindrance or power outages.

Therefore, it is no wonder that utility companies need a reliable and efficient way to communicate with their customers about any unexpected disruption in services and other emergencies.

A mass texting service platform like ComHub365 can help utility companies quickly spread the word about any important developments to their customers with zero delays. Here’s how utility companies can benefit from a text messaging platform:

Automated mass text messaging

Utility companies can keep their customers informed about the latest information concerning their services through automated mass text messaging. In an automated communication system, utility companies can send out hundreds of text messages within minutes, saving their team time.

Build a strong customer relationship

It can be a time-consuming and expensive ordeal for utility companies to find the right communication service that serves their needs. Regardless of the utility services that your organization provides, ComHub365 allows you to harness the benefits of mass texting service to build robust customer communication relationships

Emergency Text Messaging

Utility companies also need to send out emergency messages to their customers about impending storms, power outages, and restoration updates.  Having a text messaging system that is fast and reliable ensures your message is delivered when it counts the most.   

With ComHub365, you can send out text messages to hundreds of your customers throughout a storm or outage. The reverse 911 capability enables you to send text messages to your customers regardless of their communication preferences. With a 99.9% uptime, you can rest assured that your message will be sent even during the toughest conditions.

Increase Open Rate

Apart from this, a mass texting service must have a high deliverability rate and accuracy to send out hundreds to thousands of messages to their valuable customers within just a few minutes. This helps companies save their precious time and work on other important tasks.

A texting platform like ComHub365 sends out automated messages in a manner that is preferred by the company’s customers, be it email, text messages, or even phone calls. With the benefit of language translation, utility companies can cater to a demographically wider audience base without wasting their time trying to type messages in different languages. Utility companies can send messages with confidence knowing that their message will be understood. ComHub365 can translate a given message into more than 100 languages.

Schedule messages in advance

If you want to save both time and money in the long run, then it is important for your team to plan its communications ahead of time. A mass texting service like ComHub365 allows you to schedule your messages up to 2 weeks in advance down to just minutes.

Creating templates is a great way to keep your message ready when you need to schedule messages in advance.  Here are some benefits of creating templates:  

●     In cases of emergency, you will not have to worry about creating a standard template. When you have a message planned ahead of time, you can focus on overcoming the emergency instead of worrying about informing your customers about it. ComHub365 will take care of the communication front on your behalf!

●     When you constantly need to send out the same category of messages to your customers daily, creating a standard template beforehand comes in pretty handy.

●     Furthermore, these communication templates streamline the workflow of your company. This means that the tone of your messages remains professional and consistent at all times no matter who sends out the message. 


In a nutshell, utility companies can benefit enormously from mass text messaging services as compared to standard forms of communication. ComHub365 is one such service that would be happy to help you serve your customers the best you can! 

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